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County and City

Project Description

A project formed in 2021 through which climate action advocates across Southern Oregon come together to learn about, network, and collaborate on local actions and issues.

Project Leader

To join this project contact Dorothy Swain


To reduce the emissions and concentration of greenhouse gas  in Southern Oregon  (climate change mitigation) by accelerating climate action in our counties and in each community by sharing information and resources and working together.  Our two primary projects are:

  1.  Building Electrification. Under a broad theme of “Electrify Everything,” the County-City Project will identify existing or develop new resources focused generally on “why electrify” and, initially, on building electrification. Building electrification in this context is defined as switching building energy appliances (heating/cooling, water heaters, cooktops) from fossil gas to electric.
  2. Community and County Research. Develop a regional database that documents the current status of climate action in regional communities and counties (Phase 1) to lay the groundwork for Phase 2 (local, multi-community, or valley-wide) action.

Connection to SOCAN Mission

We will promote awareness and understanding about the science, causes, and consequences, and solutions to climate change in Southern Oregon.  We will work with individuals and organizations in Southern Oregon  to advocate for both personal and governmental actions that reduce the emissions and atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases.

Background Information

We anticipate developing resources that can be shared broadly with the climate action community and Southern Oregon residents.