Climate in the Classroom

Project Description

  1. To explore with regional educators ways that we can contribute to finding and developing curricular materials which promote student awareness and understanding of the science of climate change, together with its causes, consequences, and actions we can take. These curricula could be used in schools, for homeschooling, and in extra-curricular situations, such as youth groups, after school clubs, nature centers, summer camps, etc.
  2. To develop and give one-time presentations about climate change to elementary through high school students as an introduction to the subject. Give the teacher, parent, or group leader follow-up curriculum materials.
  3. To connect and work with high school and middle-school students who:
    1. might help develop curriculum and present in lower-age classrooms
    2. wish to use education in climate change as their senior project, capstone project, or to fulfill another class requirement.
  4. Provide opportunities for teachers to network and learn together through quarterly Teacher Conversation programs and teacher professional development workshops.

Project Leader

To join this project contact Ellie Cosgrove


Curriculum development and dissemination of information to teachers.

Connection to SOCAN Mission

One of SOCAN’s main mission objectives is to educate the public about climate science, and of the most effective ways of doing this is reaching students at all levels.

Background Information

Unlike their predecessor, the Next Generation Science Standards, adopted by Oregon, explicitly include the expectation that students will understand climate science.

Education Resources