Businesses Taking Action

Project Description

In an increasingly globalized market, companies play a vital role in every aspect of modern life. SOCAN’s Business Action Survey provides a platform for businesses to report on how their behavior positively affects the social and environmental health of communities in Southern Oregon. This survey allows businesses engaged in sustainable behavior to demonstrate that behavior and promote their actions/efforts and allows consumers to make informed choices.

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Project Leader 

For more information, contact Gabriela Safay


  • Identify businesses making a positive impact. 
  • Provide a resource for consumers to more effectively vote with their dollar and know that they are supporting businesses that align with their values.
  • Increase the demand for ethical and transparent business behavior in Southern Oregon.
  • Encourage businesses to set future targets for social and environmental stewardship.
  • Support local businesses taking action.
  • Encourage buying local.
  • Highlight BIPOC and LGBTQ+-owned businesses.
  • Shape a future where business accountability is not only encouraged, but expected.
  • Promote a safe and equitable society for underserved community members.

Connection to SOCAN Mission

Addressing the climate crisis requires that we all adopt behaviors that are sustainable and socially responsible. This project allows businesses engaging in such behaviors to identify themselves and allows consumers to make informed choices.

Background Information

In the business arena it is often difficult for owners to justify behaviors that display social responsibility if these compromise the bottom line. This project allows consumers to reward businesses that behave appropriately.

Link to Businesses Taking Action Details