Oregon Legislature Bills of Interest in Addition to HB2020-31

HB2623A Engrossed Prohibits Hydraulic Fracturing (fracking) in Oregon. Passed House 42: 6; Passes Senate 17:11.  The SOCAN testimony on the bill is available here:  SENR HB2623 testimony

HB2618A Engrossed Since the Renewable Energy Tax Credit (RETC) expired a couple of years ago, solar installation has taken a hit in sales. This bill will provide rebates  for purchase , construction, and installation, (better than tax credits since tax credits only work for individuals that earn enough that they can benefit from tax credits which is often not the case for retired Oregonians) of residential and commercial solar electric generation and paired storage systems. For updated information visit OSEIA (Oregon Solar Energy Industries Association) and consider the Solar Energy Lobby Day, April 30th in Salem. Recommended ‘Do Pass’ by House Committee on Energy and Environment; now in Joint Committee on Ways and Means, Natural Resources sub-committee

HB3433 Requires certain state agencies and colleges at Oregon State University to conduct certain studies on opportunities for greenhouse gas sequestration by and emissions reductions from activities related to Oregon’s natural and working lands and in Oregon’s forest products, agricultural and building materials industries, transportation sector and electricity sector.  Work session of Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction, Referred to Joint Committee on Ways and Means without recommendation as to passage; Referred to Ways and Means by Speaker.

HB3425A Engrossed Establishes, if State of Oregon adopts cap and trade program, credit available to eligible persons (those with income no greater than 250% federal poverty income income) to mitigate fuel price increases attributable to the Climate Action Program. Introduced  by the Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction as companion to HB2020.  Referred to Revenue Committee.  It seems that the principles in this bill have been incorporated into HB2020-94.

SB451  Allows waste incinerators to be awarded Renewable Energy Credit Certification. Referred to Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction; returned to President without recommendation, referred to Environmental and Natural Resources; Referred to Rules without Recommendation as to passage.

SB902 Introduced by Senator Cliff Bentz (R – Ontario) This bill imposes a tax on each fuel supplier and utility based on amount of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions from combustion of carbon-based fuel that is sold by fuel supplier to consumers in state or that is used to produce carbon-generated electricity supplied by utility to consumers in state. Limits tax on certain oil and natural gas to six percent of market value of oil or natural gas. Distributes moneys collected from tax to General Fund, unless other distribution required under Oregon Constitution.
Modifies personal income tax rates for certain taxpayers by modifying income tax brackets. Referred to Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources and thence Finance & Revenue.

SB928A Engrossed Renames Oregon Department of Energy as the Oregon Climate Authority and adjusts agency responsibilities; Recommended ‘Do Pass’ by Senate Energy and Natural Resources; Referred to Ways and Means.

SB1051  Similar to HB 2618 but includes agriculture and forestry equipment rebate. Referred to Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction; Public Hearing and Work Session scheduled.