Polycultures Above and Below

Phoenix Public Library (Meyer Memorial Trust Community Room) 510 W 1st St, Phoenix, OR

In this class you will learn how to use regenerative techniques that nurture biodiversity both down in the soil and above in the garden to grow nutrient rich food, minimize pesticide/herbicide use and synthetic fertilizer needs, build healthy soil, attract beneficial insects and contribute to healthy pollinators and people. To register, call 458-214-0508. $20


Sustainable Soils Solution

Jackson County Soil and Water Conservatio Districe 89 Alder Street, Central Point, Oregon

This class will provide an in-depth understanding of sustainable and regenerative management techniques and practices aimed at cultivating and caring for Healthy Soil. Attendees will learn how to identify what Healthy Soil is, and its connection to growing healthy food, carbon sequestration, water conservation, ecosystem restoration and land management. Skills learned and techniques surveyed can be applied to all scales from the backyard […]