Oregon’s 2023 Legislative Session

SOCAN’s Federal and State Project meets on the 2nd Monday of each month from 2:00-3:30 pm. See the SOCAN calendar for details.

Who represents me?

Find your Federal Senators & Representative.

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To Review the presentation summary:

The 2022 Legislative Session wrap-up

It would be valuable to express your views (support or disappointment) about the performance of your legislators to them.

The Oregon Climate Action Plan status summary

While much of the program development consequent upon  Governor Brown’s 2020 Executive Order 20-04 has been developed, there remain opportunities to monitor what is happening. If you are interested in engaging, contact Alan. A progress report from the coalition is linked below:

Oregon Climate Action Plan Two Year Progress Report _2022

General State Legislature Information

What’s an OLIS?

The best way to find information on legislators, bills, or committees is via the Oregon Legislative Information Systems (OLIS to frequent users) website.  I have drafted a few tips on navigating the OLIS maize.   If you have any questions or suggestions for improving that page, please contact Alan.

Legislature Notes

The Oregon 2023 Legislative Session is currently underway –  running from January through the end of June.

For updates on bills of interest to SOCAN, visit: Oregon 2023 Legislative Session Links.