Oregon Senate District 3; 2018 Announced and Potential Candidates

While Southern Oregon Climate Action Now, as a 505(c)(3) corporation, cannot endorse candidates, we can offer information on where the candidates stand on issues critical to our mission of promoting awareness and understanding about climate science, and motivating individual and collective action to address it.  Of great interest to SOCAN is where candidates position themselves on legislation that would limit greenhouse gas emissions in the state. We have been involved in developing and promoting such legislation for several years.  The current effort is called the Clean Energy Jobs Bill (known as SB1070 at the end of the 2017 session).  For information on this proposal, visit our Clean Energy Jobs page.

Democratic Party Candidates (in alphabetical order)

Julian Bell:

https://www.drjulianbell.com/  Facebook drjulianbell

Julian competed against Kate Brown for the Democratic nomination for Governor in the most recent statewide special election when he came in second.  During that campaign he stated: “that a smart and clean energy economy was the best path to a prosperous future for Oregon….” and “that clean energy was the only path to a healthy climate….” Julian has been a consistent supporter of State and Federal action to limit greenhouse gas emissions and identifies is as a top issue stating on his website: “It is time for action, not debate, on climate change….”


Athena Goldberg:

Facebo Athena Goldberg for Oregon Senate District 3

Athena was a candidate for the Jackson County Democratic Party nomination for State Senate in 201h6 subsequently won by Tonia Moro, who lost a tight race to current Senate District 3 Senator Alan DeBoer. Athena has stated that “fighting climate change” is among her top three issues, though she doesn’t list this in her materials (See Tribune link below)

Jeff Golden:


Jeff is a former Jackson County Commissioner who worked on the Ashland Climate and Energy Action Plan.  On his website https://www.goldenforsenate.com/climate, Jeff indicates support for the Clean Energy Jobs Bill.

Jeff is well-known in the region as a former host of Jefferson Public Radio’s Jefferson Exchange and also as the inspiration for and host of Immense Possibilities on Southern Oregon Public Television, one of 25 PBS stations airing the program.  Several recent programs focused on the climate issue: see episodes with Bill McKibben; on Jordan Cove; on Our Children’s Trust; with former U.S Representative Bob Inglis

Jeff was also involved substantially in efforts to develop a Climate and Energy Action Plan for the city of Ashland, a plan that was approved by the council in 2017 and will guide the city and its residents to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions through the coming century.

Kevin Stine:


As a Medford City Councilor, Kevin delivered a city welcome at the SOCAN Rogue Basin Climate Summit in 2015 and has endorsed the Clean Energy Jobs Bill.

Kevin identified housing and education as his top priorities.

Republican Party Candidates

Jessica Gomez, website https://jessicafororegon.com/

Curt Ankerberg, video 

For candidate comments on their priorities, visit the Medford Mail Tribune.