Oregon State CapitolPhoto Credit - Alan Journet

Oregon Senate District will be contested in 2018

Democratic Party Candidates (in alphabetical order)

Julian Bell:

https://www.drjulianbell.com/  Fb drjulianbell

Julian competed against Kate Brown for the Democratic nomination for Governor in the most recent statewide special election when he came in second with 7% of the primary vote.  During that campaign he stated: “that a smart and clean energy economy was the best path to a prosperous future for Oregon….” and “that clean energy was the only path to a healthy climate….” Julian has been a consistent supporter of State and Federal action to limit greenhouse gas emissions and identifies is as a top issue stating on his website: “It is time for action, not debate, on climate change….”


Athena Goldberg:

Fb Athena Goldberg for Oregon Senate District 3

Athena was a candidate for the Jackson County Democratic Party nomination for State Senate in 201h6 subsequently won by Tonia Moro, who lost a tight race to current Senate District 3 Senator Alan DeBoer. Athena has stated that “fighting climate change” is among her top three issues.

Jeff Golden:


Jeff is a former Jackson County Commissioner who worked on the Ashland Climate and Energy Action Plan.  On his website https://www.goldenforsenate.com/climate, Jeff indicates support for the Clean Energy Jobs Bill.

Kevin Stine:


As a Medford City Councilor, Kevin delivered a city welcome at the SOCAN Rogue Basin Climate Summit in 2015 and has endorsed the Clean Energy Jobs Bill

Republican Party Candidates (maybe)

Alan DeBoer:


Incumbent State Senator Alan DeBoer won a tight race in 2016 against Tonia Moro but has not declared his candidacy for re-election in 2018.   In newsletters, and during Townhall and constituent meetings Alan has repeatedly argued, for various reasons, against the Clean Energy Jobs Bill – especially during the short (5 week) 2018 Legislative Session.