Oregon + Northwest

Climate Solutions
Building a powerful constituency for local, regional, and national action on climate change and clean energy. One of 18 high impact non-profits working in te field of climate change. Located in Olympia, Seattle, and Portland.

CoolClimate Network

A University – Government – NGO Partnership at the University of California, Berkeley. They have developed Smart Tools for a Cooler Planet, including the calculator used to determine your carbon footprint. Oregon DEQ Carbon Footprint Calculator

Forth is changing the way we get around. From one gas-burning car for every driver, to an efficient electric way for all.

Environment Oregon
Citizen members teaming with a professional staff to stand up for places we love and environmental values we share.

Onward Oregon
We are an interconnected and interdependent people. We rise together or fall together as a state, not as individuals. We believe community is vital to rebuilding and revitalizing our state. Our problems are experienced together. So must our solutions be created together.

Oregon Bluegreen Alliance
Developing a groundswell of support in Oregon for action to address climate change and build a renewable energy economy.

Oregon Environmental Council
Safeguards what Oregonians love about Oregon – clean air and water, an unpolluted landscape and healthy food produced by local farmers. Work to create innovative change on three levels: helping individuals live green; helping businesses, farmers, and health providers trve with sustainable practices; and helping elected officials create practical policy.

Oregon League of Conservation Voters (OLCV)
Evaluates activities of the State Government and candidates, endorsing those with a strong conservation record or platform. Produces a legislative scorecard for state candidates.

Oregonians for Renewable Energy
Advancing the transition to locally owned and locally generated cleanerenewable energy

Southern Oregon Clean Energy Alliance
Promotes clean energy projects in Coos, Curry, Douglas, Klamath, Lane, Lake, Jackson, & Josephine Counties with a view to encouraging alternative energy and energy efficiency projects.