Oral Testimony at the DEQ and EQC Hearings

In addition to submitting written comments, there are two opportunities to deliver oral comments (testimony) at Hearings.  These will be held on September 22 (DEQ hosting) and September 30 (EQC hosting) from 4:00 – 7:00 pm.  The Environmental Quality Commission (EQC) Hearing is potentially critical since it is to EQC that DEQ reports, and EQC will be either approving the program (which means it becomes the plan) or suggesting adjustments.

There is a good chance that many Oregonians will want to speak at these Hearings so each person will probably only get 2 or 3 minutes.  As can be seen, this means we don’t have time to make a case, merely express our top two or three points – one of which should be that we are rural Oregonians, we  are on the frontlines, and we want a strong program.  The reason it’s important to have a large pro-CPP turnout is that we know the usual suspects will be mounting their campaign to weaken the program, especially Timber Unity making the tired old case that its a liberal Portland / urban scam to undermine rural Oregonians.  Furthermore, DEQ will be tallying a ‘for’ and ‘against’ count that can determine which way any adjustments tilt.

Those testifying are unlikely to be asked questions (I have never seen this happen) so we don’t have to be concerned that we will be asked ‘gottcha’ questions about what we say.   We just need to identify who we are, (include we’re rural), where we are from, and offer our comments.  The protocol is to start comments to Commission meetings with “Chair ____ (in this case George) and members of the Commission, my name is ______ and I’m from____” this can be followed by: “I’m here to testify in favor of a strong Climate Protection Program…. and continue with your points.  However, you will see that many folks don’t bother with protocol until they are reminded.   It’s good to get your conclusion in first in case you run over time and are cut off.  Thus, the individual tallying the comments knows right away in which column you should be recorded.

The URL information for these sessions is not yet available. When it is posted I will include it here.  I don’t know if it will be necessary to register in advance to speak, but if it is, I will note that.  Usually, they just take a count at the time of those raising their hand to testify.  By the way, you will NOT be ‘sworn in’ by placing your virtual hand on a virtual Bible.

September 22, DEQ Hearing

  • Join via Zoom
    Passcode: 227388
  • Join by phone: 253-215-8782
    Meeting ID: 826 4619 4819
    Passcode: 227388
  • Pre-register to provide comment; There are two time slots for pre-registration available and few slots left 4:15 – 5:00 and 5:45 – 6:30 but can sign up on the day

September 30 EQC Hearing

If you wish to offer oral comments, send a note to EQC Policy Analyst  Stephanie Caldera.  I understand they are registering folks to testify during set time slots during the course of the meeting.

  • Meeting ID: 812 5093 5766
  • Toll-free call-in line for audio-only connection: 833-548-0276

I have this information regarding oral testimony:

Schedule of Climate Protection Plan rulemaking hearing
4-4:05: Welcome and introduction by Chair George
4:05-4:15: Staff informational presentation
4:15-5: First set of comments (pre-registration, 20 spots)
5-5:30 Second set of comments (same-day sign up, 11 spots)
5:30-5:45: Break
5:45-6:30: Third set of comments (pre-registration, 20 spots)
6:30-6:50: Fourth set of comments (same-day sign up, 11 spots)
6:50-7: Closing comments and reflection by EQC

On behalf of the Planet, we offer thanks for all you are able to do.