The Oregon Legislative Information System (OLIS) website is the vehicle for finding state legislators and tracking bills and committee action.

An OLIS Home page image appears below:

Oregon Legislative Information Systems (OLIS) –
the gateway to the Oregon Legislature

Hover cursor over ‘Senate’ ; ‘House’ ;  ‘Bills and Laws’ ; ‘Committees’ ;  ‘Citizen Engagement’ and ‘Capitol Offices’ to see what is available.   The first two options will provide a link to all state legislators in the two chambers.  If you are tracking down a particular committee, that tab will provide the Senate and House lists as links to those committees.

To find your representatives:  Click Button:

‘Find Your Legislator
Senators | Representatives | By Address’

For a list of bills introduced during the current session: Click Button:

‘2021 Senate / House Bills
Explore the Senate and House Bills’

From there you can link directly to the bill.  Once on that page, you can link to the bill as Introduced or as finally approved with amendments (Engrossed), Amendments that have been proposed and their status.  You can also see the history of the bill and any actions scheduled for it.

To find bills:  Click Button:

‘Find Bills
Learn How to Find a Bill’

Enter bill number in the search box (top right) as HB #### or SB ### and press ‘Enter’

A list of bills of that number from recent sessions will appear. To restrict your search to current session, click the session on the left of screen.

One convenient aspect of the website is that there are multiple ways to navigate around.  For example, from a Committee page, one can jump to bills.  My best advice is to jump in a poke around.

If you are having problems, shoot me an email