Natural gas not a reasonable choice

Letter to Editor, Alan Journet RV-Times 11/16/2023

The evidence is clear and unequivocal that for individuals and communities wishing to protect their personal health or the health of the planet, methane (natural) gas is not a reasonable 21st-century choice for providing buildings with energy. As the Ashland youths realize, in urging the Ashland Council to eliminate the option to include methane gas in new residential construction in the city, we are on a collective suicidal climate trajectory, but it can be averted.

Our current climate trajectory, if maintained, is likely to undermine our natural ecosystems and global biodiversity even as it similarly devastates our agriculture, forestry, and fisheries. Those, like our youth, wishing that current and future generations are able to enjoy a planet that supports anything remotely resembling life as we know it, know that it is time for all hands to be on deck.


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