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Greta Thunberg address at U.N. COP 24 in Poland (2018) Fifteen year-old Swedish student appeals to U.N. leaders (to take action before it’s too late – for the sake of our youth. The closing segment on Democracy Now (4 minutes). See also This Swedish teen is stealing the show at COP24.

Why It’s Time to Think About Human Extinction (2018) An extremely articulate interview given by Canadian Geneticist Dr. David Suzuki on the plight of our planet with a theme: “For Christ’s Sake, Tell the Truth.” It’s not clear what our chance of keeping global warming below 2 degrees C above pre-industrial levels is, but it’s small and there is immense urgency.   (60 minutes)

Bill Moyers interview with Tony Leiserowitz
An informative discussion of the six Americas: Alarmed (16%), Concerned (29%), Cautious (25%), Disengaged (9%), Doubtful (13%) , Dismissive (8%) with Tony Lieserowitz, Director of the Yale University Project on Climate Change Communication. About an hour.

The Case for Optimism.  A TED talk by Al Gore explores the current status of the climate problem and why he is optimistic.

Hot in my Backyard
This American Life Episode, May 17th, 2013 with Ira Glass

Prologue Host Ira Glass remembers Hurricane Sandy, and the feeling that we might be getting a preview of what the world would looking like as climate change continues. He talks about how stuck the country’s conversation about climate change has been, but how for the first time in a long time, it seems that might change. (2 minutes)

Act I: The CO2 in CO Reporter Julia Kumari Drapkin tells the story of Colorado’s State Climatologist, Nolan Doesken. Doesken has long believed that humans are driving climate change, but never connected it to his own life. Even after several years of some of the most devastating weather his state has ever seen, Nolan considered climate change a worry for the future. Then, last year, he watched as his state experienced some of the most extreme weather it ever has. For the first time, Nolan felt like he was looking at what the future would be like where he lives. He felt scared. Julia tells the story of how this has all changed Nolan, and changed what he’s saying to the people of his home state. Julia is the lead producer of iSeeChange at station KVNF, funded by Localore, AIR and CPB. (18 minutes)

Act II: The Right Man for the Job Producer Ben Calhoun tells the story of a former Congressional Representative from South Carolina, Bob Inglis. Inglis is a conservative Republican who once doubted climate science. After he looked at the research, he changed his mind, and decided to speak out. In 2010, he was mocked by people in his own party and trounced in by a Tea Party-backed candidate. Since then, Bob has dedicated himself to the issue even more — and he’s now trying to create a conservative coalition for climate change action. (15 minutes)

How It All Ends
An updated version of  ‘The Most Terrifying Video You’ll Ever See’ by Greg Craven; (10 minutes)

The Most Terrifying Video You’ll Ever See

The video presents a simplified version of risk management using a 2×2 grid to sketch out possible scenarios based on: a) whether we choose to take action or not, and b) whether global warming turns out to be a threat or not. Using the grid, Craven concludes that taking action to combat climate change was the better choice, given the relative risks.  The model is Pascal’s Wager, developed by 17th Century mathematician/philosopher Blaise Pascal in relation to accepting the existence of God: the argument suggests that t it is in one’s own best interest to behave as if God exists even if one doubts it, since the possibility of eternal punishment in hell outweighs any advantage of believing otherwise.

A New Climate Regime in the Arctic
Describes the positive feedback loop that is being developed as ice melts and more radiation is absorbed by the ocean instead of being reflected back. About 6 minutes.

Oil on Ice 

A 2005 exploration of the impact of oil drilling in the Arctc on wildlife and native peoples.  Includes a consideration of alternatives

Solutions to Climate Change

A brief discussion of how regenerative agriculture can extract carbon from the atmosphere and return it to oils destroyed by industrial agriculture.

The Way Forward – Climate Reality Project
We are all paying for carbon pollution. Find out how you’re paying, add your cost, and demand a price on carbon.

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An Inconvenient Truth
Al Gore’s seminal award-winning movie that stimulated much debate about the issue. Though a little dated in terms of the currency of data, this remains an essentially accurate introduction to, and depiction of, the problem. 2006; Participant media: 118 minutes plus updates

Bidder 70
The story of Utah student Tim de Christopher who stymied an illegal sale of Utah lands to oil companies by bidding on parcels – and winning the auction. 2012 Gage and Gage Productions 70 minutes. See also:

Chasing Ice
James Balog’s time lapse coverage of receding glaciers throughout the world demonstrates the irrefutable glacial loss due to climate change.  75 minutes.

Coal and Climate Change
Randy Wilson. The Coalfield Delegation to UN. 15 minutes (ls)

The Future of Energy

A film about the people and communities who are leading the way to clean energy future (65 minutes).

Global Warming: The signs and the science
A PBS video that explore the basic science of climate change and the evidence. A little dated but still accurate 2005; PBS. 60 minutes.

How to Boil a Frog
A movie about saving civilization – with comedy. Probably a good introduction to climate change and environmental activism for younger audiences. 2010; Fools Bay Entertainment. 88 minutes.

Merchants of Doubt

Inspired  by the book of the same name by Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway, this film explores who the forces are behind the campaign of anti-science climate denial (93  minutes).

Mountain Top Removal

Throughout southern Appalachia Mountain Top Removal coal mining is on the rise blasting and leveling highland forests and streams. The process literally changes the geology of the region. Citizens negatively impacted by the resulting flooding, pollution, and destruction of their homes are fighting back to oppose big coals impact on their lives and communities. 74 minutes (ls)

Sand Wars 

An investigation into one of the most consumed and over-exploited resources on the planet: sand (75 minutes).

Stories of TRUST: Calling for Recovery from Climate Change
The Public Trust Doctrine holds that governments are responsible for protecting the common resources upon which we depend for survival. This movie depicts young people who are taking legal action against the U.S. Government on the grounds that current generations cannot continue to destroy the planet and leave it damaged for future generations. Comprises 9 short stories from 6 – 9 minutes long.