SOCAN’s Medford Climate Action Team

Welcome to the SOCAN Medford Climate Action Team (M-CAT) Page.

The team currently meets via ZOOM at 5:30 (until 6:30) on the first Friday of the month.

Resources of Potential Interest:

Medford Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Plan (CCARP) September 2023 DRAFT

Medford Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Plan as reviewed by Medford City Council Study Session September 28 2023. Agenda item starts p. 30,  CCARP starts p. 33


Medford Council Goals adopted-2023-25-council-biennial-goals

Comments on the CCARP May 2023

Medford – Planning Projects

Medford Planning Department

Medford Climate Friendly and Equitable Communities Study

Link to SOCAN calendar for details

An Introductory Guide to Land Use Planning for Small Cities and Counties in Oregon

To join the team or learn more, contact  Alan Journet via