Available Scholarships

SOCAN offers two options for scholarships for Non SOU Students under 65 for Living with Climate Change in the Rogue Valley.

Full Tuition Amount: Robert J. Scheelen Memorial Scholarship – Due March 15, 2024

Bob Scheelen joined the SOCAN effort shortly after our establishment and quickly became a critical and trusted climate activist and member of the Government Group and Leadership Circle. Known for his calm, caring, informed and sage advice, Bob’s stamp is firmly engraved on SOCAN and will be throughout our existence.  Bob served on the Board from its inception until shortly before his passing. To honor Bob’s commitment to public service, preference will be given to applicants who have a commitment to public service in the government arena. Link to apply for this scholarship. 

Partial Tuition Amount – due March 25, 2024 or until the course is full

Link to apply for this scholarship.