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Master Climate Protector

Beginning explorations began in January 2014 when a small SOCAN team interested in the idea of a course on climate change met to kick around ideas. Since SOCAN was established with a strong focus on science-based information and education, this idea seemed a perfect match to address both our emphases and increase the number of area residents who not only understood the science behind climate change, but also had an interest in sharing their ideas with others. The name, Master Climate Protector was identified.

It wasn’t until 2016 that the first Master Climate Protector planning meeting was held in earnest. The first course was offered as a pilot in February 2017. The second MCP course began in September 2017 and after this, we decided to offer the course once a year  from February through April, allowing graduates to share their knowledge and skills at such events as  Earth Day and July 4th. The course was been offered annually since then through 2023.

Living with Climate Change in the Rogue Valley

In 2024, through a collaboration with the Environmental Science, Policy, and Sustainability Program at SOU, the Master Climate Protector course transitioned to SOU course based on SOCAN’s Master Climate Protector – A Primer for Action. The new course will be offered during Spring term 2024 as ES 199 – Special Studies and beginning 2025, this will become “Living with Climate Change in the Rogue Valley.” This course will be open to SOU students as well as members in the community.

Living with Climate Change in the Rogue Valley Organizers

Alan Journet

Instructor of Record


Living with Climate Change in the Rogue Valley Guest Presenters

Ray Mallette

Session 3:

Energy & Construction

Liz Olson

Session 4:

Human Impacts

Julie Smitherman

Session 6:

Weather & Water

Ray Seidler

Session 7:


Mike Vergeer

Session 8:


Initial Master Climate Protector Organizing Team

Kathy Conway

Eric Dittmer

Alan Journet

Ray Mallette

Louise Shawkat

Past Presenters and Organizers

Ellie Cosgrove

Jim Hartman

Cynthia Holm