SOCAN’s Master Climate Protector Transitions to SOU Course

What’s going on? The data tell us that 2023 exceeded the recommended limit! For the first time since records began, the global temperature exceeded the upper limit of safety for temperature established by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. This was set at an increase of 1.5⁰C above preindustrial annual temperatures. We are approaching conditions that spell disaster for our natural ecosystems, biodiversity, agriculture, forestry and fisheries. But we can understand and address the problem!

For those wanting to learn more about the science behind the global warming trend and its consequences, how this trend interacts with all aspects of our lives, and what we can do to address this looming crisis Southern Oregon Climate Action Now developed and has offered annually since 2017 the Master Climate Protector – A Primer for Action course. After 8 successful sessions, the course is undergoing a transition. Starting this year, it will become a Southern Oregon University Environmental Science, Policy and Sustainability Department course, entitled Living with Climate Change in the Rogue Valle (Spring 2024 it will be listed as ES 199 – Special Studies). While this transition now makes the course available to interested SOU students for credit, the course will continue to be available at minimal cost to community attendees who are not SOU students.

The course will run for ten weeks from Wednesday April 3rd, meeting weekly from 5:30 – 8:30 in Room 066 of the Science Building. For more information, visit or contact instructor of record Dr. Alan Journet

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