KS Wild’s Fire and Climate summit Webinar Series

During June 2020, KS Wild offered a webinar series on the subject of Fire and Climate.  The presentations, and links to the video stream are listed below:

Session 1: Preparing for Wildfire Season During the COVID-19 Pandemic; May 6th
Recording: https://www.kswild.org/fire-and-climate-summit-webinar-series/2020/5/6/presentation-preparing-during-covid19

Presenters: Dr. Chris Dunn  (College of Forestry, OSU) and Rich Fairbanks (Fairbanks Forest Management); Pam Marsh (Oregon State Representative, HD5); Moderator, Joseph Vaile (KS Wild)

Session 2:  Climate Smart Management; May 13th

Recording: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/38stFp7i8D5Oa43Txm31Ar56H6_Heaa8gCcYqacFyUohs07GQOfrD-Z-RcS-ClcF?startTime=1589333484000

Presenters: Dr. Alan Journet, (Southern Oregon Climate Action Now);  Dr. Jessica Halofsky (USDA, Olympia);  Dr. Bil Kuhn (USFS Medford); Moderator, Joseph Vaile (KS Wild)

Session 3: The First, Best Stewards: Aboriginal Fire and the Klamath Siskiyous;  May 20th

Recording: Not yet available. Register here to receive the ZOOM URL: https://www.kswild.org/

Presenters: Dan Wahpepah (Red Earth Descendants); Margo Robbins, Elizabeth Azzuz , and Richard F. O’Rourke III (Yurok Tribe Cultural Fire Management Council); Doug Bird (Department of Anthropology, Pennsylvania State University;  Moderator – Belinda Brown (Lomakatsi).

Session 4: Reducing Fire Hazards in the Wildland Urban Interface; May 28th

Presenters:  Janet Alexander (Firesmart Merlin); Rich Fairbanks (Fairbanks Forest Management);  David Ferguson (Natural Resources Conservation Service);

Recording: Not yet available. Register here to receive the ZOOM URL:  https://www.kswild.org/

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