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The Millennium Development Goals – Report 2015

Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability: Summary for policymakers (2014) IPCC

IPCC WGIII Report – Mitigation Link to Sumary for Policymakers and Complete Report (2014)

The Physical Science Basis Summary for Policymakers (2013) IPCC

Complete IPCC 2013 WG I -Physical Basis (large file)



National Climate Assessment Report (2014) Climate Change Impacts in the US (Pacific Northwest)

USGS National Climate Change Viewer. The USGS National Climate Change Viewer (NCCV) is a web-based application that provides easy access to succinct information about possible future climate change. In the updated viewer, users can view, analyze, and download past and projected climate and hydrologic data for the period from 1950 through 2099 for two future greenhouse gas (GHG) emission scenarios.