Green America – Ten Suggestions

Energy Star home performance information

Energy Trust provides financial support for some home improvements


Energy Star Appliances


A Home Building Revolution – The Harmless Home YouTube (16:43) It’s now possible to build structures that are carbon negative, fireproof, soundproof, toxin free, earthquake, mold and pest resistant. This video features the first home of its kind in the world.

Zero Coalition Oregon  We’re excited to see interest in decarbonizing the built environment increasing year-over-year. The building sector presents a huge opportunity for the state to meet its climate action goals and create healthy, fossil-fuel-free buildings that are accessible to all Oregonians. There will likely be more than 700,000 new homes and apartments and more than 800 million new square feet of commercial building space built in Oregon between now and 2050. Our work together now will lead to big changes for our state.


Electrify Now! Empowering everyone to create our clean energy future. (Ideas for electrification.)

Electrify Coalition Webinars Electrify Now has joined with over 50 like-minded organizations (including SOCAN) to create the Electrify Coalition. We are committed to providing education about the benefits of electrification and work to accelerate the adoption of electric and renewable energy solutions through voluntary action and public policy. Links to upcoming webinars and recordings of past events.

Electrify PDX Healthy Home. Healthy Planet. Start making a difference today.

Electrify Ashland Now

Local (Rogue Valley) Contractors

How much money will you get with the Inflation Reduction Act? Calculator from Rewiring America

Gas (“fossil gas” “natural gas”)

“Fumes in Focus: Visualizing Air Pollution from Gas Stoves”  Video produced by Beyond Toxics

We need to talk about your gas stove, your health and climate change. October 7, 2021 by Jeff Brady (NPR: Heard on Morning Edition)

Converting from Gas to Induction Cooktop:  It’s not as easy as it sounds. Steps and Key Issues shared by David & Erika Bekermeier based on their experience. Gas Cooktop Conversion Steps

Heat Pumps

Gradient, the hybrid cooling and heating system that unlocks new dimensions of comfort. Do it yourself: Until now, advanced heat pump technology has required professional installation with hefty price tags. Gradient brings it to you in a beautiful, easy-to-install package.