Project Leaders – Ken Deveney


To raise awareness of health and psychological impacts of Climate Change for individuals, our communities, and relevant public agencies.

Project Description

  • Prepare, arrange and offer public presentations on Climate Change and health, and Climate Change and stress.
  • Develop a multimedia narrative project (Voices of the Valley) that will present people from our own Rogue Valley communities, especially the most vulnerable populations, sharing their stories of how extreme weather and climate change is affecting their physical and mental health, their work and home life. A series of mini-documentary interviews will be featured on SOCAN’s website as well as at public screenings, and human-sized photo displays will tour our public libraries.
  • Increase personal health preparedness as well as psychological resilience.
  • Facilitate communication among those who are concerned.
  • Maintain a selection of relevant online resources

Connection to SOCAN Mission

This project addresses the Mission of promoting awareness and understanding of climate change, its causes and consequences.


Ken Deveney has given presentations on “Climate Change and Stress” at Southern Oregon Friends Meeting House, Ashland Public Library, Rogue Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, and the Ashland Congregational United Church of Christ.  He has done trainings in Re-Evaluation Counseling (RC).  This Project also arranged presentations at SOCAN’s monthly public meeting at the Medford Public Library: Dr. Bryan Sohl and Ken Deveney on Health and Psychological Impacts of Climate Change (Link) as well as Bob Doppelt, Executive Director, The Resource Innovation Group, and adjunct instructor in the Department of Planning, Public Policy and Management at the University of Oregon and author of Transformational Resilience: How building human resilience to climate disruption can safeguard society and increase wellbeing.

Sustaining Climate Activists is a facilitated monthly support group addressing the distress for those engaged in climate action as well as exploring ways to keep ourselves resilient. We meet by Zoom (during COVID) on the 4th Saturday of the month from 11:00-12:00. Facilitators: Liz Olson (Clinical Chaplain) & Ken Deveney (Teacher of Re-Evaluation Counseling.) Contact Liz Olson if you are interested.

How to Join

Please contact Ken Deveney at

Background Information

The April 2016 federal study “The Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health in the United States” discusses seven key areas of health concerns: temperature-related death and illness; air quality impacts; extreme events; vector-borne diseases; water-related illness; food safety, nutrition, and distribution; and mental health and well-being. Health officials are also mapping the specific vulnerable population groups of each region and community, such as the elderly, children, and low-income families.


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