HB2631 Increases the fee unreasonably that is paid for domestic animals claimed to be damaged by wolves.

Submitter: Christine Haynie

On Behalf Of: Self

Committee: House Committee On Agriculture, Land Use, Natural Resources, and Water Measure:

HB2631 I adamantly oppose HB 2631 As Oregonians we should support all bills that give protection to wolves. This bill would increase the number of livestock injured or killed by unscrupulous ranchers who would take advantage of getting up to a seven times the value of the animal. “Why protect my cows if I can get 7 times their value by not?”. Ethical ranchers, ranchers who want to care for their cows and decrease number of wolf killings, would be negatively affected. Cattle would suffer, Motivation for building programs and tools that would decrease lethal events for all animals would decrease. This is an inhumane bill and does nothing to work toward the goal of efficient and non lethal wolf management.

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