Guest Opinion: End Ashland’s ICE age by 2027

Guest Opinion  by Bruce Borgerson in Ashland Daily Tidings, September 22, 2017

With Houston inundated, Caribbean islands devastated, Florida lashed until powerless and the Rogue Valley choked in smoke, the cascading effects of climate change are undeniable. The window is narrowing for avoiding even worse calamities in the future. We must act now, and be bold about it.

Because America’s electric grid is gradually greening (though not fast enough), some analyses now identify transportation as our nation’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. That’s certainly true in Ashland, where we have no power plants or large manufacturers. Unquestionably the number one year-round contributor to global warming here is the internal combustion engine (ICE), a profuse greenhouse-gas emitter that we employ largely for personal transportation.


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