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Lead groups include Rogue Climate and League of Women Voters/Rogue Valley. SOCAN is supporting their efforts.

Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Expansion By Shirley Weathers League of Women Voters (Sept 2022)


Life After LNG Export

The forces of reason, accompanied by resistance from Oregon state agencies, finally doomed the Jordan Cove LNG Export terminal in Coos Bay and the Pacific Connector Pipeline. However, the fossil gas industry is never willing to accept their product is just another fossil fuel that contributes to the climate crisis. Although this crisis threatens life on the planet as we know it,  this industry is back with another effort to continue a business model dependent on greenhouse gas emissions and exacerbating the climate crisis.

TC Canada is baaaack!

TC Canada, the same company that promoted and finally aborted the Keystone XL Pipeline Project is back. This time their plan is to increase capacity in a pipeline that runs over 1300 miles from British Columbia, through Idaho, Washington, and Oregon to the California border.

GTN Xpress

The Gas Transmission Northwest (GTN Xpress) pipeline currently has a capacity of 2.7 billion cubic ft of natural gas per day. Their plan is to increase this by 1.5 million cubic ft. per day to achieve substantially greater capacity. The ongoing problem with natural gas is that it is 90% methane, a gas that has a global warming impact 34 times greater than carbon dioxide on a 100-year basis and 86 times greater on a 20-year basis. Regrettably, from extraction, through processing and transmission, this methane leaks. When we calculate the carbon dioxide equivalent emissions that will result from combustion of the natural gas pumped through this pipeline combined with the inevitable leakage of methane, we find the new total greenhouse gas emissions rate is over 25 million tons of CO2e at the lower 100-year rate for methane, or over 61 million tons at the higher 20-year rate. Greenhouse gas emissions from the GTN pipeline would be equivalent to the emissions from over four and a half thousand vehicles. This is how gas companies plan to solve the climate crisis.

Call to Action

It’s time, once again, for Southern Oregonians concerned about the climate crisis to join forces to oppose TC Canada and their efforts. Locally, Rogue Climate is taking the lead in the resistance as they collaborate with statewide leader Columbia Riverkeeper to push back against these insidious efforts to increase climate pollution and guarantee future generation an unlivable planet.

To get involved, contact Maig Tinnin:

You can learn more about the proposal: in this GTN XPress factsheet, watching this webinar, or listening to this podcast.
Recent update and upcoming timelines: FERC recently announced they are delaying the release of the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) by another month because commissioners need more time to review the number of comments received in opposition. Now the FEIS will be released mid-November 2022 and the final decision is slated to happen in February of 2023. Our voices are making an impact, but we need to keep up the pressure on the federal level!