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Refrigerant Management

The EPA mandates that refrigerant gases be recycled, reclaimed, or recovered. Locally, Rogue Disposal and Recology both use the Valley View transfer station to provide a service to deal with refrigerant gases from discarded appliances.  The transfer station accepts the appliance (refrigerator, air conditioner, etc.) and charges for the service (a refrigerator costs $34).   The appliance is then picked up by North State Recycling, which is located in Redding.  North State Recycling removes compressors, and then arranges to have refrigerant evacuated/reclaimed by an outside, specialized contractor called Freon Free, in Vacaville.

So, the United States, at least, is apparently doing well in handling “end-of-life” issues with appliances that use refrigerants.  What is not being handled is the leakage of refrigerant during the life cycle of the appliances.  Also, the number of appliances using refrigerants which are potent greenhouse gases is increasing, and the global agreement to phase out HFC, the primary GHG refrigerant, does not start until 2019.

[Information compiled by Marion Moore 6-9-2018]

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