Divesting sends a clear message: fossil fuels are toxic to people and the planet, therefore they are toxic to our portfolios. Divestment forces CEOs and politicians to take notice because it signals the importance of an issue to consumers and constituents. The environmental, public health, and financial risks of fossil fuels mean we need to continue to pressure investors by divesting from fossil fuels. (Source: Green America: The Power of Divestment)

Rainforest Action Network’s 2018 Report: Banking on CLIMATE CHANGE

Clean 15 (A Total Portfolio Approach to Fossil-Free Climate Solutions)

The New Top 200 (11-01-2017; 200 fossil fuel companies by size of reserves)

GoFossilFree.org (source of current campaigns and information)

Steps to Divest and Reinvest

Roadmap to Divestment

Financial Products and Services

Ashland City Council Resolution in Support of Fossil Fuel Divestment (10-21-2014)

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