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Coastal SOCAN is sponsoring and participating in a variety of events in the Brookings/Harbor, Curry County, and Southwestern Oregon area related to fighting climate change. Link to see the latest of what we’re doing


Coastal SOCAN has monthly presentations at our regular meetings that cover a variety of topics ranging from community solar and microgrids to climate denial myths and watershed restoration. To see the latest flyer for this month’s meeting click here Shannon Souza 2020.

Many of the presentations have been videotaped by Curry County Voices and posted to their websites and uploaded to YouTube. To view videos of the monthly Coastal SOCAN presentations please click here.

In addition, for some of the presentations, the speaker has provided supporting material either their visual graphics (slides) or handouts. To view graphics and/or handouts from the monthly Coastal SOCAN talks, please contact Bill Gorham.

The speaker for many of the monthly Coastal SOCAN talks have recorded podcasts in which they discuss their topic in greater depth. To view these podcasts as well as other, climate change related podcasts, please click here.

Coastal SOCAN members have also made presentations at Southwestern Oregon Community College (SWOCC) and other groups.  To see a listing of those presentations, please click here.

Government contacts

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