We know that wine varietals each have their own terroir requirements and climate optima, but the fire are likely to threaten the qualoty of the wine even before the climate threatens the grapes.

Scorched, Parched and Now Uninsurable: Climate Change Hits Wine Country

Christopher Flavelle, Yahoo News, July 18, 2021

ST. HELENA, Calif. — Last September, a wildfire tore through one of Dario Sattui’s Napa Valley wineries, destroying millions of dollars in property and equipment, along with 9,000 cases of wine.

November brought a second disaster: Sattui realized the precious crop of cabernet grapes that survived the fire had been ruined by the smoke. There would be no 2020 vintage.

A freakishly dry winter led to a third calamity: By spring, the reservoir at another of Sattui’s vineyards was all but empty, meaning little water to irrigate the new crop



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