Guest Column by Jeff Golden, February 16 2020

Since the Legislature reconvened on Feb. 3, I’ve heard hundreds of Oregonians — at rallies, in committee hearings, in Capitol hallways — make their case on Senate Bill 1530, the revamped cap-and-invest bill to slash greenhouse gas emissions. After years of working on this issue, I notice these conversations bringing me back to the understated heart of this battle. It’s fairness.

That became clear in the testimony of a well-dressed older woman from Portland to a Senate committee last Saturday. She was troubled by comments of earlier witnesses — loggers, ranchers and other rural Oregonians who’d told us that rising costs from this bill would devastate their towns and businesses. That, she said, is just selfish. “What matters most is our children and the planet,” she said. “To solve this huge problem, we all have to sacrifice.”


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