The Gas Industry Strikes Again

The Fossil (Methane) Gas industry, self-styled as the Natural gas industry is infamous for promoting disinformation about its product as ‘the clean fossil fuel’ presumably knowing full well that this is untrue.

The Jordan Cove LNG Export Facility may be dead, but TC Canada, best known for its Keystone XL project, is back with another offensive effort to hasten the climate crisis and doom our planet. This effort is called the GTN Xpress project (Gas Transmission Northwest). The plan is to increase the capacity of an existing pipeline to increase profits while simultaneously increasing the combustion and fugitive emissions (leakage) of greenhouse gases.

More information is available on our GTN Xpress page


The Oregon 2022 Legislative Session ran for five short weeks through  February into March. SOCAN took positions for or against a number of bills.  This comprises a summary of the outcome with notes on local representatives’ voting record.  SOCAN testimony is posted on the SOCAN blog.  Please scroll down until you reach items posted in February.

Oregon Climate Action Plan

For several years a coalition of  Oregon Climate Activists has been promoting comprehensive greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction legislation in the Oregon State Legislature. On March 10, 2020, Governor Brown signed Executive Order 20-04. Now the rule-making to implement the orders.