Businesses Assuming Responsibility

SOCAN Presentation Information 9-29-2021

Link to Businesses Taking Action Project

Link to flyer (4/sheet) to invite businesses to join SOCAN’s Businesses Taking Action effort


What is a B Corp

Resource for Businesses

B Corp Climate Collective Website

Free B Impact Assessment any business can use

Free Business Carbon Calculator used by Banyan Botanicals

We Mean Business Coalition Leading companies are going all in and seizing the opportunity of climate action. Through its partners and collaborators, We Mean Business Coalition brings together the best-in-class climate action initiatives. Hundreds of companies are now harnessing them to align with the 1.5°C pathway.

Grocery Shopping

Use reusable shopping bags

Buy bulk and use your own containers when allowed

Buy local: Produce, but also look at the packages where does it come from?

Lodging – Make choices

Heating/Cooling – non fossil fuel?

Minimal use of plastics

Plantings – Native plants or exotics

Watering – low water use, sidewalks watered