Brief SOCAN Comments in support of old growth forest protection

Submitted to USFS by Alan Journet

As a retired ecologist and conservation biologist, I am well aware of the recent research that has demonstrated how important old growth forests are in terms of sequestering carbon from our atmosphere.

As cofacilitator of Southern Oregon Climate Action now, I am also very familiar with the trends in atmospheric greenhouse gas concentration and the need, as stated by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, not only to reduce emissions of these gases, but also to capture gases already in the atmosphere.  There is no more effective way to promote this sequestration than to encourage the development of, and the retention of, old growth forests.  Not only do these forests store huge amounts of carbon, but they also continue to capture carbon from the atmosphere at a substantial rate.  As a bonus, unlike young forests and plantations, which are immensely fire prone, these forests are also among the most fire-resistant forests on the planet.

On behalf of the over 2000 Southern Oregonians who are Southern Oregon Climate Action Now, I write in strong support of efforts to conserve old growth forests across the nation.

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