Alan Journet, News by-line, Rogue Valley Messenger Jan 19th, 2017 The silent bus crept out of the Front Street Station at 12:15 pm on the auspicious date of Friday 13. Aboard, a happy band of Southern Oregon Climate Action Now (SOCAN) members and friends were making the trip from Medford to Grants Pass on a […]

Rogue Valley Messenger, January 19 2017 RVM: Has the election of Trump changed priorities for your organization? AJ: Not really changed them, but the presence of a science denier in the White House who promotes ignorance over evidence has diminished further the likelihood of anything meaningful happening at the Federal level to address climate change […]

Letter To Editor by Trisha Vigil, Ashland Daily Tidings, January 10th 2017, Med ford Mail Tribune, January 17th 2017, Rogue Valley Messenger, Jan 19th 2017 Integrity is the quality of being honest and fair. Most of us would probably like to be thought of as displaying integrity since we generally value integrity in others. When […]