Letter to Editor, by Alan Journet, Eugene Register Guard, March 4th 2019 Arguments by opponents of House Bill 2020 focus on claims that it would cost their family or business substantially. It’s clear that these result from a campaign developed by corporate interests to frighten Oregonians for the sole purpose of protecting their short-term profits. […]

Vanessa Newman,  Rogue Valley Messenger, March 14, 2019 How many times has one heard the phrase, “change is inevitable?” Yet when it comes to the climate change conversation, it’s an inevitability some find difficult to discuss, while others grieve over the knowledge of its in-motion process, and others refuse to embrace it at all. The […]

Letter to Editor by Kathy Conway, Medford Mail Tribune, Marsh 13, 2019,  Curry Coastal Pilot, March 8 2019 We are a lucky generation. Since the Industrial Revolution, some 200 years ago, we have enjoyed cheap fossil-fuel energy and the machines it drives, making our lives ever more comfortable. Although warned in the 1800s, most of […]