Available here as a pdf of the full report. Available here as overview and chapter summaries. Summaries of the report: Climate impacts grow, and U.S. must act, says new report Alejandra Borunda, National geographic, November 23 2018 A Report Not to Be Buried: Part II of the Fourth National Climate Assessment Bob Henson, Weather Underground November 26, 2018 Latest National Climate […]

The report itself is available here 1. Oliver Milman, “Scientists say halting deforestation ‘just as urgent’ as reducing emissions,” The Guardian, October 4, 2018. 2. Stephen Lahey, “Climate change impacts worse than expected, global report warns,” National Geographic, October 7, 2018. 3. Hiroko Tabuchi, Claire Rigby and Jeremy White, “Amazon Deforestation, Once Tamed, Comes Roaring Back,” […]

Letter to Editor by David Beale, Medford Mail Tribune, November 30 2018 A good answer to our horrible wildfire and smoke problem has already been worked out and approved by our local governments. Let’s not spend another 10 years in studies figuring out what to do. We just have to fund the plan, and it […]