Shannon Kelleher A growing body of research suggests relocating some tree populations may help them adapt to future climates Douglas-fir trees of the Pacific Northwest are no shrinking violets. While quaint, domesticated variations make decorative Christmas trees that fit in the living room, wild Douglas-firs induce awe. Towering in the Cascades and coastal mountains at […]

Guest Column by Tim Palmer, Sunday July 5th, Medford Mail Tribune. Douglas firs form the backbone of the timber industry, make homes for wildlife, protect watersheds and fish dependent on them, and grow taller than any other living thing in the Northwest. This conifer also happens to be the state tree of Oregon and the […]

Letter to Editor by Lee Lull, Medford Mail Tribune,  June 30, 300 Also appearing in Ashland Daily Tidings, 06/23/2020 We hear the term “neoliberalism” bandied about quite a bit these days, but it might surprise you to learn that the original term has nothing to do with being liberal. In fact neoliberalism is diametrically opposed […]