Prachi Patel | Sep 5, 2019, Anthropocene This post is also available in: Español For many, the electric transport revolution can’t come soon enough. Battery electric vehicles could make up 57 percent of global passenger car sales by 2040. But researchers at MIT and the Ford Motor Company show that, in the near term at least, lightweight gas-powered vehicles […]

Sarah DeWeerdt, Sep 10, 2019, Anthropocene Climate experts who hail from countries that will be heavily impacted by climate change are more open to geoengineering than their colleagues from less threatened countries, according to a study published September 2 in Nature Climate Change. The findings, based on a survey of 723 individuals from 153 countries, provide […]

Guest column by Roger Sabbadini in the Ben Bulletin, September 10, 2019 Currently, modern science is being deconstructed and devalued. Consider the issue of climate change. For climate change deniers, no mountain of evidence will convince them that human activity has significantly contributed to global warming. President Donald Trump has reinforced the deniers by repeatedly […]