Letter to Editor by Lee Lull, Ashland Daily Tidings, April 29, 2019 I recently met a friendly grasshopper who related all the fun and games she enjoyed at the Rogue Manor. Being an ant, I recognized her for a grasshopper because when I said I was very concerned about climate, she tossed her head dismissively […]

Letter to Editor by Robert I Price,  Medford Mail Tribune,  April 23 2019 LNG, coal and oil threaten to reset Earth’s geological clock with a vengeance. Today’s natural carbon cycle is not like the carbon sequestering process of the Carboniferous Period that ended 300 million years ago. More  

Letter to Editor by Louis Shawkat, Ashland Daily Tidings, 04/23/2019 Scientists can measure Earth’s ecological assets. Yearly, Earth supplies a finite amount of plant-based food, fiber products, livestock, fish products, timber, other forest products and built-up lands. Yearly, Earth is able to absorb a finite amount of greenhouse gas emissions we produce. More