Letter to Editor by Trish Vigil, Medford Mail Tribune,  December 4 2018 The term “natural disaster” was used several times in articles in the Mail Tribune (Nov. 25). Lumping disasters clearly enhanced by human stupidity under the heading “natural” clearly helps us evade responsibility. But it’s not very accurate. More

It’s where the conspiracy theorizing and menacing of critics began. Paul Krugman, New York Times Opinion, December 3, 2018 Many observers seem baffled by Republican fealty to Donald Trump — the party’s willingness to back him on all fronts, even after severe defeats in the midterm elections. What kind of party would show such support for […]

Letter to Editor by Alan Journet, Ashland Daily Tidings, December 3, 2018 As you’ve heard: “Denial ain’t a river in Egypt!” Denial flows from Washington, D.C. to the western states. Data indicate that the area burned by fire has been increasing over the last few decades. But data also tell us that going back a […]