John Darling, Medford Mail Tribune, March 27 2017 Although President Trump’s budget is still taking shape, it appears that it would significantly reduce regulations, impact air and water quality and degrade the health of humans, the natural environment and Southern Oregon’s tourism industry, according to local environmental groups. Dominick DellaSala, president and chief scientist of […]

Jes Burns, Earthfix March 24 2017;  Also appeared in the Jefferson Journal May/June 2017 The Trump Administration has issued an executive order rolling back fuel economy standards for cars and trucks and is expected to do the same soon for the Clean Power Plan. Both were designed to put the United States on a path […]

Letter To editor by John Kloetzel, Medford Mail Tribune, March 22, 2017; also in Ashland Daily Tidings March 23, 2017 The “American Health Care Act,” which our own Republican Rep. Greg Walden had a major role in crafting, has been denounced by a wide spectrum of observers from both parties, as well as groups such […]