Yes, indeed!  From the perspective of social and environmental justice, this has been a bad month so far. Like many of you reading this, I went to bed on the morning of the 9th thinking this was a different country than I imagined it was when I woke up election morning, the day before. But, it […]

Lauren McCauley, Common Dreams, Nov 20, 2016 Underscoring the “climate pariah” that the U.S. is expected to become under a President-elect Donald Trump, world leaders concluded the United Nations climate talks on Friday by re-committing to the goals of the Paris accord and vowing to take swift action to reduce global emissions. More

Jack Moran, Eugene Register Guard Nov 10, 2016 U.S. District Judge Ann Aiken on Thursday rejected requests from the federal government and trade groups representing many of the world’s largest energy companies to dismiss a climate change lawsuit brought by a group of youth plaintiffs and a leading climate scientist. “This is no ordinary lawsuit,” […]