The major fossil fuel producers bear a particular responsibility for climate change. Not only do their products cause a buildup of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere, but many of these companies have also worked systematically to block laws or regulations that would reduce emissions of heat-trapping gases, in some cases by spreading disinformation about climate […]

Lorraine Chow, EcoWatch October 12, 2016 The race to build the world’s largest solar power plant is heating up. California-based energy company SolarReserve announced plans for a massive concentrated solar power (CSP) plant in Nevada that claims to be the largest of its kind once built. SolarReserve CEO Kevin Smith told the Las Vegas Review-Journal […]

Climate Nexus, Oct 13th 2016 The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) did not properly account for climate change in its environmental impact assessment of a $1.4 billion natural gas pipeline, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In April, FERC found that the 160-mile Leach Xpress pipeline would have a limited impact on the […]