Letter to Editor by Lee Lull, Ashland Daily Tidings, February 13th 2017, also in Medford Mail Tribune, Februar 19, 2017 The newest emperor on the block has no robes. Brains, kindness, insight, vocabulary, statesmanship and intelligence are vital missing threads. All children can see him for what he is — a naked bully — but […]

Letter to Editor by Monica Trocker, Ashland Daily Tidings, February 18 2017; Also appearing the the Medford Mail Tribune, February 25, 2017 To be or not to be? To be a lie or not to be a lie? Words have meaning, and how we communicate their usage has significance. A lie is a known untruth. […]

For several years a coalition of  Oregon Climate Activists has been promoting comprehensive greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction legislation in the Oregon State Legislature. Efforts continue into 2019. YOUR PLANET NEEDS YOU!