Letter To Editor by Bob Scheelen, Medford Mail Tribune,  January 12th 2017; Rogue Valley Messenger, Jan 19th 2017 Campaigning, President-elect Trump argued that he’d make a great president, benefiting the nation and middle-class workers, because he is a good businessman and would go against the grain of the elite structure. If these arguments are true, […]

Letter to the Editor by Byron Bradley Carrier, Ashland Daily Tidings, January 12th 2017 Now that Trump is making America groan again, Republicans should consider Lao Tzu’s warning: conduct your victory as a funeral. Your gloat of power could turn on you. Republicans have systematically taken over all levels of government from the presidency to […]

The silent bus crept out of the Front Street Station at 12:15 pm on the auspicious date of Friday 13th.  Aboard, a happy band of SOCAN members and friends were making the trip from Medford to Grants Pass on a Zero Emissions Propulsion System (ZEPS) electric bus from Complete Coach Works in Riverside CA.  This […]