Vision: Oregon has a strong, innovative, and inclusive economy that achieves the state’s climate emissions goals through a complementary set of policies, including a least-cost, market-based greenhouse gas emissions pricing program.Executive Summary:Climate change threatens our communities, our economy, our ecosystems, and our way of life in Oregon. We see the effects of climate change in […]

Letter to Editor by David Sours, The Applegater, December 2018 Avista Utilities notifies customers that a pipeline rupture in British Columbia might result in a shortage to residences and businesses in southern Oregon. They ask us to conserve natural gas. Is that all? No! In Prince George, BC, the First Nation evacuates its community due […]

Letter to Editor by Bob Scheelen, Medford Mail Tribune, December 4, 2018 Republicans have declared themselves irrelevant on the largest issue of this century: the race to mitigate the civilization-threatening effects of human-caused climate devastation. The Republican climate change denier caucus yells hoax in the face of overwhelming scientific and experiential evidence, summarized in the […]