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When Climate Change Comes to Town

Spotlight #19: July 23, 2021 By Lorrie Kaplan, Chair, Ashland Climate Action Project CLIMATE CHANGE FEELS PRETTY REAL IN SOUTHERN OREGON LATELY. Most of us just experienced the hottest temperatures of our lifetimes. Our gardens are scorched. TID is done for 2021. Our to-go bags are packed and ready.  The scientific consensus is that we need […]

Climate Plan Victory: It’s Up to Me — and You

Spotlight #16: June 18, 2021 By Lorrie Kaplan, Chair, SOCAN-Ashland Climate Action Project SOME HOPEFUL NEWS: With continued political will and funding, Ashland’s municipal operations can achieve its climate goals established under our 2017 Climate and Energy Action Plan.   Not so good: despite good intentions and many positive steps, we people and businesses of Ashland […]

Spotlight: Natural Gas is a Fossil Fuel

April 23, 2021 By Lorrie Kaplan, Chair, SOCAN-Ashland Climate Action Project ENVIRONMENTALISTS AND PROPERTY RIGHTS ADVOCATES may feel some relief and satisfaction that the Jordan Cove liquified natural gas pipeline project has been stalled for more than 13 years by legal challenges and regulatory reviews. But make no mistake about it: natural gas is still […]

Government: Federal and State Project

PROJECT LEADER – ALAN JOURNET Link to Government: Federal & State Resources Page SOCAN January Monthly Meeting – Climate Action in 2021: Obstacles and Opportunities as viewed through the lens of the 2020 Election Power Point (saved as pdf) YouTube Video Government: Federal and State Project Description In order to stimulate appropriate action at the […]

2020 Candidate Interviews Now Available

Southern Oregon Climate Action Now provides Southern Oregonians with an opportunity to learn where candidates stand on climate and environmental issues. All candidates for Oregon Senate Districts 1, 2, and 28; House Districts 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 55; and County Boards of Commissioners in Jackson and Josephine Counties were invited to be interviewed […]

Oregon Climate Action Plan

Oregon Climate Action Plan For several years a coalition of  Oregon Climate Activists has been promoting comprehensive greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction legislation in the Oregon State Legislature. On March 10, 2020, Governor Brown signed Executive Order 20-04. Now the rule-making to implement the orders.

Coastal SOCAN

Project Leader – Bill Gorham Click here for specific Coastal SOCAN content such as presentations, events, activities, podcasts, videos, articles, and news about what’s happening to the climate and the environment on the south coast and what we’re doing about it! Project Description Coastal SOCAN is made up primarily of people who live on the Oregon […]


PROJECT LEADER – Kathy Conway Project Description Drawdown is that point in time when the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere begins to decline on a year-to-year basis.  “Drawdown” is also the title of a book, and a website (drawdown.org), that document solutions aimed at resolving global warming by reducing greenhouse gases. A highly qualified and […]