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2022 Oregon Legislative Session Wrap-up

The Oregon 2022 Legislative Session ran for five short weeks through  February into March. SOCAN took positions for or against a number of bills.  This comprises a summary of the outcome with notes on local representatives’ voting record.  SOCAN testimony is posted on the SOCAN blog.  Please scroll down until you reach items posted in […]

In Defense Of Soil Carbon Sequestration

IN DEFENSE OF SOIL CARBON SEQUESTRATION Ray Seidler rayseidler@msn.com Introduction and Background. There are reports that disparage the use of biological carbon sequestration practices. Soil carbon sequestration has multiple functional roles in food production, soil and planetary health, sustainability of food and fiber (trees) and, in reducing concentrations of the greenhouse gas, atmospheric carbon dioxide. […]

Ashland Climate Commission Sounds the Alarm

Ashland’s Climate Policy Commission issued a strongly worded declaration to the City Council at the Council’s September 7 business meeting. “All is not well,” CPC told the Council, citing the most recent progress report on the city’s 2017 Climate and Energy Action Plan, presented in May by city Climate Analyst Stu Green. CPC Chair Rick Barth described […]

Aligning our Transportation with Climate Priorities

Spotlight on Climate Solutions: #21 — Friday August 27, 2021.  By Lorrie Kaplan, Chair, Ashland Climate Action Project. Transportation is one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions in Ashland. So if we are serious about reducing our emissions, we need to start planning now for an Ashland that is less dependent on gas-powered automobiles.  Buying […]

Recology is Cleaning Things Up

Spotlight #20: August 13, 2021 By Lorrie Kaplan, Chair, Ashland Climate Action Project AT A TIME WHEN CLIMATE CHANGE FEELS OMNIPRESENT –  it’s reassuring and even energizing to shine the light on companies and individuals working to reduce their carbon footprint. While the actions of any one of us are clearly not enough, creating positive momentum […]

When Climate Change Comes to Town

Spotlight #19: July 23, 2021 By Lorrie Kaplan, Chair, Ashland Climate Action Project CLIMATE CHANGE FEELS PRETTY REAL IN SOUTHERN OREGON LATELY. Most of us just experienced the hottest temperatures of our lifetimes. Our gardens are scorched. TID is done for 2021. Our to-go bags are packed and ready.  The scientific consensus is that we need […]

Climate Plan Victory: It’s Up to Me — and You

Spotlight #16: June 18, 2021 By Lorrie Kaplan, Chair, SOCAN-Ashland Climate Action Project SOME HOPEFUL NEWS: With continued political will and funding, Ashland’s municipal operations can achieve its climate goals established under our 2017 Climate and Energy Action Plan.   Not so good: despite good intentions and many positive steps, we people and businesses of Ashland […]