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National security and climate

Letter to Editor by Lee Lull, Ashland Daily Tidings, June 29, 2016; Medford Mail Tribune,  July 1, 2016 We know that fossil fuel corporations, like other big industries, have been purchasing influence in Congress for years. This legalized bribery has now corrupted our government beyond recognition. More

Money And Petroleum In Oregon Politics

Daniel Lewkow of Common Cause and Dave Hyde of Move to Amend Jackson County on Jefferson Exchange, June 23rd 2016 – Subject of Common Cause / SOCAN / Peace House/ Move to Amend Jackson County Program June 23rd at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. At this point it seems naive to ask if money influences politics. So, […]

Saving The Planet By Avoiding Navel-Gazing

Jefferson Exchange Interview with Bob Doppelt – Featured Speaker at SOCAN Monthly Program, June 21st Whether self-interest is enlightened or not, it’s not good for the planet. That’s the general thrust of Bob Doppelt’s work.  We met Bob a few years ago to talk about his book From Me To We. He continues his work on […]

Warning signs

Letter to Editor by Gwyn Myer, Medford Mail Tribune, June 17 2016 Educable moments occur when something happens allowing the teacher to make an important point. The article about tree die-off (June 6) could have been such a moment. We learned that: “Three years of drought are taking their toll on Southern Oregon forests …” […]

Deniers, not skeptics

Letter to Editor by Trish Vigil, Medford Mail Tribune June 17 2016 Gordon Dickerson, (letters June 11) is correct in arguing that skepticism is an essential component of the scientific approach. This is why those who reject climate science are science deniers, not climate skeptics. However, that is all Dickerson gets right. More A response […]

Live sustainably

Letter to Editor by Louise Shawkat, Medford Mail Tribune, May 28, 2016 also apeared in Ashland Daily Tidings May 1, 2016 How can we live sustainably? The answer is by being efficient in our use of materials and substituting/replacing unsustainable ways of doing things. The first step is picking the low hanging fruit. More

Global Warming is Back

Letter to Editor by Pat Gordon, Medford Mail Tribune, June 11, 2016 Of course, it never went away. Despite claims from science deniers, there never was a slowdown — just the illusion of a slowdown in air temperature increase. But the first few years of this century did not show a slowdown significantly different from […]

Conservatives have noticed

Letter to Editor by Ken Deveney, Medford Mail Tribune, June 11 2016, also appearing in Ashland Daily Tidings June 7, 2016 The essence of conservatism is conserving, a view several Republican House members have taken to heart. Many live in Eastern Seaboard states and recognize the danger posed to their constituents by rising ocean levels. […]

Climate affects GOP, too

Letter to Editor by John Kloetzel, Medford Mail Tribune, June 11, 2016; also appeared in Ashland Daily Tidings June 9, 2016 No two states have more elected political representatives who are confirmed climate-change deniers than do Texas and Oklahoma. (Being dependent on campaign contributions from fossil fuel interests for one’s political life can have such […]