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Earth Could Reach Critical Climate Threshold in a Decade, Scientists Warn

Nadia Pruis, Common Dreams Setember 23rd 2016 The planet could pass the critical 1.5°C global temperature threshold in a decade—and is already two-thirds of the way to hit that warming limit, climate scientists warned on Thursday. Speaking at a University of Oxford conference this week, led by leading UK climate researcher Richard Betts, scientists said […]

Recalculating the Climate Math

Bill McKibben, The New Republic September 22nd 2016 The future of humanity depends on math. And the numbers in a new studyreleased Thursday are the most ominous yet. Those numbers spell out, in simple arithmetic, how much of the fossil fuel in the world’s existing coal mines and oil wells we can burn if we […]

Councilors Discuss Clean Energy

Several council representatives from four cities gathered on Friday at the New Talent Community Center for a Networking Breakfast to discuss efforts, both underway and aspirational, to promote clean energy.  Hosted by Southern Oregon Climate Action Now and Rogue Climate, the breakfast served to allow council members and city staffs who have clean energy efforts […]

Trends in Atmospheric Methane

The Global Monitoring Division of NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory has measured methane since 1983 at a globally distributed network of air sampling sites (Dlugokencky et al., 1994). A global average is constructed by first smoothing the data for each site as a function of time, and then smoothed values for each site are plotted […]

Break the pattern

Letter to Editor by Louise Shawkat Medford Mail Tribune August 31st 2016; Appeared in Ashlnad Daily Tidings as Try An Electric Bike September 1st 2016 Ashland’s greenhouse gas emissions from road travel are 17 percent of the city’s total. I contribute to this number. Ashland High School students are asking all of us to make […]

A World at War

Article by Bill McKibben in New Republic, August 15th 2016 In the North this summer, a devastating offensive is underway. Enemy forces have seized huge swaths of territory; with each passing week, another 22,000 square miles of Arctic ice disappears. Experts dispatched to the battlefield in July saw little cause for hope, especially since this […]

The Nuclear Conundrum

Many climate activists, including leading climate scientists James Hansen, argue that nuclear power should be promoted as a strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Others argue against such a trajectory. SOCAN’s position on this issue, along with our position on other climate related issues, can be found here: 3. Nuclear Energy? Acknowledges the potential role that […]

SOCAN takes Climate ‘n’ Critters to Diamond Lake Campground Amphitheater

SOCAN Co-Facilitators Alan Journet and Kathy Conway escaped the Rogue Basin heat on August 20th to give a presentation at the USFS Umpqua Forest District Diamond Lake Campground Amphitheater. Besides the program, they enjoyed a couple of nights camping at the Thielsen View Campground, hiking, and visiting the waterfalls on Hwy 138. The talk employed images […]