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Pacific Northwest forests: Carbon sink or carbon source?

As Sustainable Northwest’s Andrew Spaeth writes, poor planning and development pressures are increasing the risk of wildfire to human populations and causing dramatic increases in the cost of fire suppression. Forests are critical in our efforts to stem the effects of climate change. Yet, in the Pacific Northwest, uncharacteristic megafires are emitting large amounts of […]

The Climate Accountability Scorecard – Ranking Major Fossil Fuel Companies on Climate Deception, Disclosure, and Action

The major fossil fuel producers bear a particular responsibility for climate change. Not only do their products cause a buildup of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere, but many of these companies have also worked systematically to block laws or regulations that would reduce emissions of heat-trapping gases, in some cases by spreading disinformation about climate […]

World’s Largest Solar Project Would Generate Electricity 24 Hours a Day, Power 1 Million U.S. Homes

Lorraine Chow, EcoWatch October 12, 2016 The race to build the world’s largest solar power plant is heating up. California-based energy company SolarReserve announced plans for a massive concentrated solar power (CSP) plant in Nevada that claims to be the largest of its kind once built. SolarReserve CEO Kevin Smith told the Las Vegas Review-Journal […]

Hurricane Matthew 2016

Hurricane Matthew made landfall on October 8 in South Carolina, unleashing record-breaking rainfall and storm surge and driving historic flooding and destructive winds along the coasts of northern Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. Matthew first spun up into a hurricane on September 29, surging from a tropical storm into a Category 5 […]

Climate Policy on the Horizon

Following the successful Climate Summit organized by SOCAN in October 2015, 350Deschutes planned a similar event for October 2016.  The event, Climate Change: Solutions & Opportunities, was held October 3 and 4 at the Mt Bachelor Village Conference Center.  SOCAN Co-faclitators Kathy Conway and Alan Journet attended the event on October 3rd when Alan gave a short […]

Environmental Education Association of Oregon SOCAN Workshop

SOCAN Co-Facilitators Alan Journet and Kathy Conway attended the Environmental Education Association of Oregon Annual Conferece at Suttle Lake on September 30th to lead a 75 minute workshop entitled Climate Science Basics which employed images of the global warming basics and competing hypotheses to explain the recent warming trend to generate understanding of the science. […]

The New, New Climate Math: 17 Years to Get Off Fossil Fuels, Or Else

Lauren McCauley, Common Dreams, September 22nd 2016 “If you’re in a hole, stop digging.” Though it may not have seemed possible, climate catastrophe is even closer than previously thought, with new figures released Thursday finding that—when the wells already drilled, pits dug, and pipelines built, are taken under consideration—we are well on our way to […]