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We should support climate action in Oregon

Guest Opinion by Alan Journet, Sunday February 23rd, Medford Mail Tribune I am a biologist by training and career. Several decades ago, I was teaching an ecology course at Southeast Missouri State University when ecological theory and climate reality collided. As I was discussing how temperature and precipitation patterns determine the distribution of natural biological […]

Golden highlights revisions to climate proposal at Medford town hall

Nick Morgan, Medford Mail Tribune, Sunday February 23rd State Sen. Jeff Golden said many critics of controversial legislation designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Oregon don’t understand the latest revisions, or the latest economic impacts behind it. If Senate Bill 1530 passes, the cap-and-trade proposal that’s prompted demonstrations in Salem and proclamations of opposition […]

Climate action has to stay focused on fairness

Guest Column by Jeff Golden, February 16 2020 Since the Legislature reconvened on Feb. 3, I’ve heard hundreds of Oregonians — at rallies, in committee hearings, in Capitol hallways — make their case on Senate Bill 1530, the revamped cap-and-invest bill to slash greenhouse gas emissions. After years of working on this issue, I notice […]

Do you want two, four or more strokes?

Letter to Editor by Louise Shawkat Ashland Daily Tidings, Feburary 20, 2020 Tired of hearing them? Not baseball or golf, but ICE — we feed ICEs natural gas, gasoline, diesel, fuel oil or biodiesel. It’s the internal combustion engine! Our modern ICE, developed in the 1870s, is used in cars, planes, boats (four-stroke). Leaf blowers […]


The Climate Reality Project, January 30th 2020 Fossil fuel companies may claim to support bold action to avoid the worst of the climate crisis, but their actions tell a different story. It’s no secret that fossil fuel companies have cast doubt on climate science for decades. What’s more, it should be no surprise that they’ve spent billions lobbying against […]

Master Climate Protector on OPB’s Think Out Loud

Alan Journet interviewed by Dave Miller on the OPB ‘Think Out Loud’ program on January 31st 2020 about SOCAN’s ‘Master Climate Protector – A Primer for Action.’ The nonprofit group Southern Oregon Climate Action Now has certified over 30 people to be Master Climate Protectors. The class is modeled on the Master Gardener program, and teaches […]

Coral Reefs

How our reefs are under threat and what we can do about it Why are our Coral Reefs at risk?   Coral reefs are one of the most important ecosystems on the planet. While they cover only .1% of the ocean floor, these rainforests of the sea are home to a quarter of all marine […]

Class turns out climate protectors

Tony Boom, Medford Mail Tribune, January 1st 2020 Ro Lewis parked her hybrid car at TC Chevy to get a charge and walked up to the Jackson County Fuel Committee site on Valley View Road near Ashland to help load firewood. The actions were part of her efforts as a Certified Master Climate Protector to […]