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Carbon Notes May Help Seattle Council Make Smarter Climate Decisions

Cathy Tuttle, The Urbanist, September 15 2020 I woke up coughing this weekend–no, not from Covid-19–from wildfire smoke that’s settled on Seattle like a clammy yellow shroud. Last Friday was a better day because all five members of the Seattle City Council Governance and Education Committee–Councilmembers González, Mosqueda, Juarez, Lewis, and Sawant–unanimously passed Councilmember Pedersen’s Resolution […]

Climate Insights 2020: Overall Trends- Surveying American Public Opinion on Climate Change and the Environment

Jon Krosnick and Bo MacInnis  August 24 2020, Resources for the Future A discussion of U.S. attitudes to the climate crisis – downloadable Introduction Is concern about the natural environment a “luxury good”? According to one theoretical perspective, people in contemporary societies can afford to worry about protecting the planet’s natural environment only if their basic survival […]


Simple changes in management could double carbon stores in Pacific Northwest forests. Margaret Morales, Sightline, August 5th 2020 The temperate forests of the Pacific Northwest are the Olympic athletes of the carbon world. They can store more carbon, acre for acre, than nearly any ecosystem on earth. A single acre of old growth in the Oregon or […]

Coastal SOCAN Cherishes the Chetco

Notes on Saturday August 8th ‘Cherish the Chetco’ by Coastal SOCAN leader Ed Patterson This is just a quick summary of our Cherish the Chetco activities.  We set up our canopy yesterday outside the Riverside Market because the Loeb park where we were last time was closed.  Even with the canopy it was very hot.  We […]

Climate Change and COVID-19: the Denial Playbook is the Same

Augusta Wilson, State of the Planet Earth Institute/Columbia University, July 30, 2020 The phrase “every disaster movie begins with a scientist being ignored” resonates more than ever as two disasters unfold: the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change. One is occurring with horrifying rapidity and one more slowly; both would be far less damaging if scientific advice were heeded earlier. […]

Oregon’s largest umbrella business group, Oregon Business & Industry, shows its anti-social colors

Little surprise that the major Oregon Polluters, as represented by Oregon Business and Industry, have filed a lawsuit against their and your children and grand-children to overturn the Governor’s Executive Order establishing an Oregon Climate Action Plan.  These are the entities that have consistently opposed meaningful action to reduce the state’s greenhouse has emissions and […]

Solar Tribune News

Quote from SOCAN Co-facilitator Alan Journet embedded in an article on ‘Getting Involved in climate action” in July edition of Solar Tribune: “The most important thing an individual can do this year is to avoid supporting any candidate who doesn’t understand the critical need to address greenhouse gas emissions. The most important collective action we […]