Ashland Climate Action Project

The Ashland Climate Action Project (ACAP) was formed in late 2019 to work to ensure that climate action is treated as a top priority in Ashland and incorporated into all city planning and decision-making. Through education and outreach ACAP informs and engages Ashland residents to work together to reduce our community’s climate impact and support full, timely implementation of Ashland’s Climate and Energy Action Plan (CEAP), as a complement and support to the work of the Ashland Climate Policy Commission and the Conservation and Climate Outreach Commission.  For more information contact ACAP Chair Lorrie Kaplan, at 

Coming Soon

Friday December 18, 6-7pm: You’re Invited to our Ashland Climate Action-makers Holiday Happy Hour. Click here to read the invite and RSVP! Space is limited. 

Thursday January 14, 7-8pm: Spotlight on Local Food: A Zoom ConversationACAP will host “Spotlight on Local Food: A Zoom Conversation.”  This is the first of many Zoom community conversations ACAP will host in 2021 to bring residents together to discuss leading community climate issues. Stay tuned for more information and RSVP link.

Thursday January 28, 7-8pm: Second Screening of “Other Side of the Hill” In case you missed our first screening in October!  Click here to watch the trailer, RSVP link to be available soon.

Thursday February 4, Transit Equity Day, in honor of Rosa Parks’ birthday. Stay tuned for Ashland plans.

Ashland City News

New City Incentives for EV and E-bike Purchases

The City of Ashland has a new grant-funded incentive program to help Ashland utility customers buy zero-vehicle emissions vehicles (E-bikes and elective vehicles).  Supplies are limited, so act fast! A Zoom information session will be held December 2 at 1:30pm. Click here for more info.  

2020 Initiatives

Spotlight: Sustained Climate Action News Comes to The Ashland Tidings 

On November 20, ACAP launched “Spotlight,” a bi-weekly column on local climate action in The Ashland Tidings. Our focus is on how residents, businesses, nonprofits, and the city are working to achieve Ashland’s local climate goals and learn from what other towns and cities are doing. Send story ideas anytime to

“Other Side of the Hill” Film Inspires Hope

Our screening of the new independent film “Other Side of the Hill” attracted some 80 Ashlanders!  Thank you to our partners Ashland Works, Climate Reality Project-Southwestern Oregon Chapter, Geos Institute, McCloud Watershed Council, Pollinator Project Rogue Valley, Rogue Community College Earth Club, Southern Oregon Pachamama Alliance, Sustainable Rogue Valley, and Sustainability at Southern Oregon University.  The screening left us energized, inspired and hungry for more, so we’ll be showing it again on January 28. Click here to watch the trailer.

LED Bulbs Project

ACAP is partnering with Oregon Energy Trust  and Rogue Climate to make LED bulbs available to residents of Talent and Phoenix as these communities rebuild. We still have bulbs available for families in need.  Contact Louise Shawkat at for more information.

ACAP Outreach to Talent and Phoenix Leaders 

In October, ACAP sent a letter of support to climate leaders of Talent and Phoenix with the following message: 

Most importantly, we wish to express our solidarity with you during this devastating time, when so many residents of Talent and Phoenix have lost so much. 

“We honor the work you and others are doing to support those residents and their urgent needs. We hope to participate with you and others in the valley about how to continue to improve the sustainability and resilience of our communities in terms of fire hazard reduction and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

We would welcome the opportunity for greater regional integration of these discussions. On many issues, but especially on climate action, we will be far more effective working together than separately. We are all connected.”

2020 Ashland Climate Voter Project

In the run-up to the November 2020 elections, the Ashland Climate Action Project built on the survey report and local volunteer energy to launch the 2020 Ashland Climate Voter Project. The project featured a series of Zoom Candidate Events in September to discuss local climate issues and action with the mayoral and city council candidates. Our candidate forums–recorded live and then uploaded to YouTube — were viewed nearly 1,000 times. Thank you to all who participated and shared this information. Visit the Ashland Climate Voter Project page, including links to the recordings of the Candidate Events on YouTube.  We’ll look to build on this success in 2022. 

Summer 2020 Survey

In June and July 2020, the Ashland Climate Action Project of Southern Oregon Climate Now (SOCAN), conducted an online survey of Ashland residents entitled, “Lessons Learned from Recent COVID Restrictions: Imagining the Future of Ashland.” Executive Summary: 225 individuals completed the survey, nearly all of whom live in Ashland as well as some who work here. The responses shed light on Ashlanders who are highly concerned about climate change and already taking individual action. Despite the disruption, confusion, and isolation of recent COVID social restrictions, nearly all respondents described positive aspects to their experience and an opportunity to see Ashland’s beauty and vulnerabilities in a new light. The vast majority stated that they are extremely (61%) or very (29%) concerned about climate change. Other findings:

  • 88% stated that it is important for individuals to take steps to adapt to climate change
  • 82% of respondents stated it is important for residents to reduce their climate impacts and nearly 86% have already taken steps to do so
  • Nearly 88% believe we can reduce our climate impacts and have a healthy local economy, and are calling for leaders to create a more diversified, sustainable, affordable, and resilient economy  
  • 84 respondents want to work on climate action issues in Ashland; the issues that most interest them include supporting local growers and promoting renewable energy

The results suggest that there is a significant number of Ashland residents who care deeply about climate issues and are willing and ready to work on climate action. The results also suggest that more education is needed about Ashland’s Climate and Energy Action Plan (CEAP) and how to achieve local greenhouse gas reduction goals. We conclude the report with additional recommendations for city operations, policymakers, residents and businesses along with resources for more information. Read the full Ashland Action Final Survey Report

More About Us

Our Vision: Full and timely implementation of Ashland’s Climate and Energy Action Plan (CEAP).  We believe that leadership and informed action by the city, its residents, and businesses will reduce Ashland’s climate impact and strengthen our community. 

Our Mission: SOCAN-Ashland Climate Action Project, a project of Southern Oregon Climate Action Now (, works to ensure that climate action is treated as a top priority in Ashland and incorporated into all city planning and decision-making. Through education and outreach we inform and engage Ashland residents to support full, timely implementation of the CEAP.

Why We’re Here: Thanks to the hard work and dedication of a great number of people, Ashland developed and approved a Climate and Energy Action Plan (CEAP) in March 2017. The CEAP is a comprehensive, landmark document. However, implementing it takes time and commitment, and a willingness to change the way we think about our city and how we get things done. SOCAN-Ashland Climate Action Project was formed to raise the voices of climate activists and raise awareness bout climate action. Read the CEAP Executive Summary here.

How We Do Our Work

  1. Outreach and Organizing: Increase the number of Ashland residents who are knowledgeable about the Climate and Energy Action Plan (CEAP) and supporting its implementation
  2. Education: Provide, facilitate, and/or promote education and information dissemination on timely topics related to CEAP and greenhouse gas reduction.
  3. Advocacy: Ensure a robust citizen voice that prioritizes climate action and advocates for full and timely CEAP implementation 

For more information about the Ashland Climate Action Project, contact