Ashland Action Project

Our Vision: Full and timely implementation of Ashland’s Climate and Energy Action Plan (CEAP).  We believe that leadership and informed action on the part of the city, its residents, and businesses will reduce Ashland’s climate impact while also enhancing and strengthening our community. 

Our Mission: SOCAN-Ashland Action Group, a project of Southern Oregon Climate Action Now (, works to ensure that climate action is treated as a top priority in Ashland and incorporated into all city planning and decision-making. Through education and outreach we inform and engage Ashland residents to support full, timely implementation of the CEAP, as a complement and support to the Ashland Climate Policy Commission and the Conservation and Climate Outreach Commission.

Background: Thanks to the hard work and dedication of a great number of people, Ashland developed and approved a Climate and Energy Action Plan (CEAP) in March 2017. The CEAP is a comprehensive, landmark document, but implementing it takes time and commitment, and a willingness to change the way we think about our city and how we get things done. SOCAN-Ashland Action Group came about because members of SOCAN in Ashland wish to accelerate the implementation of the CEAP by raising the voice of climate activists and raising awareness among Ashland residents about climate issues. Read the CEAP Executive Summary here.

How We Do Our Work

  1. Outreach and Organizing: Increase the number of Ashland residents who are knowledgeable about the Climate and Energy Action Plan (CEAP) and supporting its implementation
  2. Education: Provide, facilitate, and/or promote education and information dissemination on timely topics related to CEAP and greenhouse gas reduction.
  3. Advocacy: Ensure a robust citizen voice that prioritizes climate action and advocates for full and timely CEAP implementation 

Current Actions:     TAKE THE SURVEY

Ashland Action is currently conducting an online survey using Survey Monkey. The survey asks Ashland residents to share their experiences and insights during the recent COVID-19 social restrictions and how these experiences have affected their views on local economic sustainability, climate change, and how to reduce our climate impacts. 

These issues are particularly important as our communities “re-open”.  How can we learn from our recent experiences to build a healthy economy while also reducing our greenhouse gas emissions? 

Individual responses will be confidential. Ashland Action will use the survey results to work to reduce Ashland’s climate impact.  Survey results will be reported through local news, social media and to local officials. Respondents can request a copy of the report by providing their email address in the survey. The deadline to complete the survey is June 30, 2020.  

Any Ashland resident can take the survey–please distribute it widely! Flyer to share

For more information, or to develop a survey that can be used in other communities, please contact