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Drifting Along The Chetco    -Karl Sandstrom

Drifting along the Chetco

A salmon line stringing row

Riding within the current

Over rocks hidden below


Born up by the river

In and out of the mist

Watching an osprey flying

As young peek from a nest


Drifting along the Chetco

Where life quietly slows

Letting all worries rest

For the spirit to grow


And in this quiet reflection

Time too slowly drifts away

Past the river’s cold reach

Over a chill love left today


And beneath a summer sun

The Chetco will quietly slow

To reveal within this season

Loves words too can run low


And while thoughts travel on

The Chetco stays the same

Under trees standing strong

The river renews with the rain


And as the boat drifts

Toward the setting sun

An eagle pair glides higher

Scanning out their new run


Showing how in this serenity

Love too can come in view

Drifting along the Chetco

On the wild Chetco blue